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who reads these things?
bucking the trend
Service is here to stay!
spring is coming, get in quick!


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who reads these things?

ever wondered who your blog audience is? i have especially as many of the people who respond to my blog are totally out of tune with what the blog and my website is all about
at the end of the day its a gardening blog for people living in Adelaide South Australia
yet many people are writing to me from allover the world with subjects such as medicine research or growth hormone products hee hee!
subjects i know nothing about!
so if your considering a landscaping project in the northern suburbs barossa valley or Gawler contact me if not dont bother!

bucking the trend

Despite all the doom and gloom we are constantly hearing about the state of the economy, the rise in unemployment and the general state of the construction & manufacturing scene i am pleased to say that as a small residential landscaping business we are definately bucking the trends, our order book is possibly the healthiest it has ever been, and its still the middle of winter!
weather is slowing us down BIG TIME! but the wet will be making way for some beautiful spring days (Cant Wait!

Service is here to stay!

Remember the days when flared pants, crop tops and platform shoes were the things to wear? Well just like clothing fashion garden fashions have come and gone too!
It seems not that long ago that people planted large lawns (water was a cheap commodity once) with maybe a feature shade tree and a few marigolds (to a give splash of colour). Well today it seems that our options of plants, garden structures, garden ornaments, groundcover mulches and pebbles are endless.

spring is coming, get in quick!

Hi all
well spring is almost upon us and after a fantastic winter the soil is starting to warm up nicely, with plenty of moisture to boot, my ornamental plum is already starting to blossom! which goes to show how well things are, in the garden.
despite the wet weather my team and I have been very busy this season, doing lots of terrific projects for my valuable customers we have laid lots of instant lawn and brick paving. As well moss rock retaining and garden features which continue to be popular.